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Thursday, March 02, 2006

First the Facts on Bullying:

According to a 2004 KidsHealth survey,
students said one of the most common reasons
they bully is to be popular. Another is
to get your way or push others around.
KidsHealth surveyed 1,200 children, aged 9 to 13
...Experts say it is important for family members to be watching out for the effects bullies have on their victims.

Depression,social anxiety and loneliness are
among victims of bullies.
also tend to be disengaged in school...

(click HERE to go the web page and read entire article)

Second,The 411
(information people, information...lol)

Nicklaus has told us about a boy named...hmmm...let's call him, John in his class. John also lives in our neighborhood. One of the few hellions not allowed to run the streets at all hours of the day and night. John has been over at our house several times to play with Nicklaus and appears to be rather pleasant, as far as She seems like a bit of a kook, and a "religious" one at that. I am a Christian, I am able to rely on my faith and still live in the real world. I do not believe this woman is. But I will get to that later. A hint of her holier-than-thou attitude? Well, I smoke and she told me ONCE, (yes I will emphasize the ONCE part) that I will never grow in my spiritual walk if I continue to do so. Hmm...I think the Lord and I walk just fine. And I think He appreciates the fact that I'm not trying to take his job, as this woman clearly aspires to. When I asked what living with a man for a year before her divorce was final or giving birth outside of marriage did for her walk, she really didn't have a whole lot to say. Come to think of it, we never spoke again until today. No, I don't think anyone is farther from heaven for the abovementioned things. Just don't pull one of those "I'm a better Christian than you" acts with me and not expect me to go for your jugular. Okay, back to the important part. Nicklaus says that the whole class picks on John. Nicklaus takes up for John. Nicklaus' teacher confirmed this. Nicklaus was telling me about how a bunckids kidz were calling John gay today. Why? Becausekids kidz were saying that John asked Joe to "go out." This is slang for boyfriend and girlfriend, going steady, whatever you wanna call it. I may not have had the proper reaction, because I asked Nicklaus, "Well hell, you're the one taking up for him all the time, why didn't he ask you?" (Nicklaus knew I was kidding around.) And who cares anyway if John is as fruity as a cuppa applesauce? This kid is picked on everyday, told he is gross, weird, etc. We were on the way to the store, but this upset Everydayerday there are storiekids kidz who have had enough, they shoot people, the commit suicide, they suffer and battle depression, they self-mutilate, they self medicate and the list goes on. I turned around and went back to John's house. His mother was on the porch. I said, "I need to talk to you, tell about somethingthign that is going on at school." And proceeded to tell her about it. Her response? "I will pray about this. John tends to rub people the wrong way. He brings most of this on his self." WTF? PRAY ABOUT THIS? HE BRINGS IT ON HIS SELF? I did not say this, but I wanted to,to this wacko. I did say, "Well, Nicklaus says that he's the only friend John has, and the picking has spread to the other class. I also asked Nicklaus if John does anything, and Nicklaus said no. kids kidz are calling him things like gross and he's gay. I know John's been through a lot ( a bad divorce with molestation involved) and I thought maybe he needed someone to talk to the scpersonnelonell." Her reply, "Well, I am going to pray about this. John hasn't mentioned anything to me about any of this." Keep in mind, some kid told Nicklaus on the bus "I'm gonna kick your f'ing ass," no abbreviation from him though, and I,Mom Is Nutz, got on the the bus the next day, talked to the bus driver, she called the little SHIT ASS BRAT kid (whom, I might add is 2 years older and 4 inches taller than my kid) to the front of the bus to have a chat with him. When he got on the first seat, I calmly looked at him, pointed my finger and said, "YOU ARE NOT GOING TO TALK TO MY SON LIKE THAT, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?" Suffice to say, he did. I was absolutely floored that it didn't phase her in the least her kid was being tormented like this. She thanked me for telling her, and once again said, "I will be praying about this, if it was really important John would have said something to me about it." I could only look at her and say, "Ya think? Maybe you were just too busy praying and he didn't want to bother you!!" I then got into my car and left. I am not sorry, that woman is nuttier than a fruitcake, she never should procreated. If our kids cannot depend on mom and dad having their back. Who the hell can they depend on for help?

Third, The Moral of the Story