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Random Photos of My World....

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

This is Noni, as if you did not know. She is wearing the "do rag" she insisted I buy for her at Wal-Mart. Do I have the only white child in the universe wearing a do rag? This is not the cutesy bandana one, nope, it's the nylon edition. LOLOLOLOL

Definition of do rag?

African-American slang. A piece of cloth, worn on the head, that protects one's hairdo from mussing. When the Afro came into style, do rags largely went the way of the dodo though they have made a bit of a comeback.

I took this one on the way to pick up Noni, I thought the clouds were really pretty. Hey, I don't get out much, ya know???

On the same scenic drive, I encountered this...which allowed me to drive 10 MPH and enjoy the drive. Nah, I really thought up some fabulous ways to cuss at someone driving a tractor thingy, (yep, that's a technical term) down a public road...that was kind of fun....

Yep, I got the bird clock off the wall, so Noni could hold it and I could share with you when my kidz wanted family time the other NIGHT morning....4 frigging o'clock..that's AM people!! Doesn't daddy look so happy?

And finally, 2 pictures of angels that are at the cemetery my Mother In Law is buried at. I converted them to black and white, just for the hell of it. I just liked the way they looked....