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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Several of you said that it sounded "fishy" about this child's abduction. I hate to say this, I hate to type this....you all were right. This child's mother murdered him. Actually, she and her husband just adopted him, after raising him for TWO years as a foster child. **See Below** She confessed, says she feels "relieved." Evil bitch...relieved? I always hate to believe the worst of a mother when a child is missing. I just can't believe until I hear it. Just the way I am. No matter how many times I tell my kidz I am gonna kill them...I would never do it. Each and every time I hear about something like this, my heart breaks. I cry. It just really effects me. Then I want the bitch that did it to die. Sorry, not that heartwarming, but I do. I hope and pray that each time, these poor children, did not die in a way that was "personal." I know that sounds weird, I'll try to explain. Remember Andrea Yates? She held each and every one of her five children, including one that tried to run away, down and drowned them all. Can anyone even imagine the terror, the confusion, the hurt in a child's eyes and mind as they look at the one person that is put on this earth to take care of them, to love them, to die for them if necessary, as this person murders them? They are still looking for his body, the evil bitch can't remember where she threw his body out. It was in the woods - somewhere.

Here's the story...and if you will notice...see, she's another murdering bitch...that was a "perfect" mom....thank God for my imperfections!

Mother faces murder charge in death of missing boy

Steve Corrigan

The mother of a 3-year-old boy she reported missing Tuesday will be charged with murder in the toddler's death, law enforcement officials said.A murder warrant will be issued charging Mary Jean King, 34, according to a news release sent Thursday by Special Agent in Charge Jeff Evans of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.did you read about my retarded son...LOL...he's a froot loop
King is said to be cooperating with investigators in the search for the body of her son, Ahmed Mashon Rawls King, according to Evans.

She reported the child missing Tuesday from the Wal-Mart parking lot in Jesup.
Lawmen served a search warrant at midnight Wednesday at the residence of Timothy and Mary Jean King, 32 & 34, east of Alma near the Pierce-Bacon county line.
Timothy King was questioned and released. Mary Jean King was being held in the Bacon County Jail.

Evans said information gathered from Mary Jean King indicates the boy is dead.
"We are conducting extensive searches in hopes of recovering his body," Evans said.

As part of that search investigators asked that anyone who might have seen a gold Toyota Camry in the vicinity of Georgia highways 203, 15 and 32 between the hours of 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Tuesday contact them. The phone number is (912) 389-4103.

Mary Jean King recently adopted Ahmad, officers said.
GBI agent Greg Harvey of the Kingsland office said, "As far as we know, this family had a stellar reputation as far as being foster parents."
The Kings have two biological sons, ages 13 and 17. An adopted daughter has been removed from the home.
Faye Miller, a 4-H teacher in Alma, taught both of the Kings' sons. She said, "The children were just so well-mannered." She said anyone who knew them "spoke highly of the family."
Miller said, "This is big news in a little town. It is heart-wrenching anywhere, especially when everyone here is a neighbor, friend or family."
Priscilla Reynolds, a King family acquaintance, said, "I thought for sure they were going to find that baby alive. When I heard the news it just shook me up."
Deborah Brinson, another family acquaintance, said, "I just didn't really think she was that type of person. It's just shocking. I've known her for years. She always seemed like a quiet person to me."