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Daddy Experience #2 - LITERALLY

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My hubby sat on the couch last night, drawing a butterfly, whilst I was on the computer..Ebaying, blogging, just wasting time. All was quite in the homestead. The hubster likes to draw stuff and thanks to Sam we found out we may be able to make a small amount with his talent....and my pushing. Now there is not outstanding talent like Sam possesses, but he does draw really nice pictures. Anyway....all was calm, all was peaceful, when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I heard the love of my life, the father of my children, yelling. And not just some understated, "try not to be loud" kind of yell. Nope, this was a true bloodcurdling, interspersed with a bit of gagging, kind of scream. I jumped up, ran to the living room. And there was Nathan....grinning maniacally, enjoying every minute of this special daddy-son time. Joey was holding one of Nathan's chubby little fists, quite covered in some tannish sort of goo. OH MY GOD.....Joey gagging, points to the floor, right between his feet is a huge, somewhat circular object. It's tan as well, with a bit of yellow thrown in. I start laughing, can't help it. Nathan has decided to be like those adorable little monkeys at the zoo and share his POO with daddy. And daddy was not happy. A big tan blob, with kernels of corn. What father would not like that? Apparently Nathan's. The best part. After it was all over. Joey looks at me and says, "I was just drawing a butterfly, looked up and had a huge ball of doo-doo thrown at me!" And he said that like it's an unusual occurrence.