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A Way To Help If You Can't Send $$$

Sunday, September 04, 2005

I want to help all these poor people who have lost everything, however ,I am not in a financial position to send any monetary amount of any significance. I contacted a couple of other bloggers who are in the Houston area and such. A lady in Mississippi , they are hosting thousands of refugees, read my comment on one blog and let me know that clothing for children is desperately needed. I have slews of clothes, nice clothes, I usually sell the clothes on Ebay, but, I am going to ship them to this woman to distribute.My kids also went into their rooms and got some toys to go in the box as well. One or 2 were semi-favorites, but they said "Those kids lost everything." Yep, I was mighty proud of them...it was a real Andy and Opie type moment. If you would like to contact her as well and help out then email her at this address:


Her name is Martha. You all have items either outgrown or just taking up space, so help someone out~