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Wooo that smell, don't ya love that smell?

Monday, August 08, 2005

Wife at home
Husband in parking lot at work

August 8, 2005
Sweltering day, heat index over 100 degrees
Around 7:00 PM

Ring, ring

Me: Hey honey, on your way home? (love that caller ID)

Huzzband: Yeah, just pulled in the shop, gonna drop the truck
off and get into mine.

Me: Cool, see you in about a half hour

Huzzband: Okay, I need to......Holy hell!! My truck smells like somebody put
a pile of dog shit in it!!

Me: What??? For real?

Huzzband: No, but Oh My God, what in the hell is that smell
It smells like something crawled into
my truck and died.
What in the hell is that smell?

Me: Are you for real, you don't see anything?

Huzzband: I don't see a damn thing.

Me: Oh shit, look into the back seat. Nathan had
a bottle yesterday, maybe he dropped it?

Huzzband: Oh hell, here it is, it's leaked all over my
carpet. I need to rip....(sound of very loud gagging and
yep, he's got a weak stomach)

Phone disconnects

Ring, Ring

Me: What happened?
Huzzband: I puked my guts up,this smells like rotting flesh, I
can't handle this. All the windows are down and I still
can't stand it. This smells like skunk vomit...oh dear Lord...

Me: Well, just go buy something to take the odor out....

Huzzband: Oh hell no, shit....

Me: What? What? Then don't buy anything and ride like that...

Huzzband: No, I didn't mean that about buying something...
I'm riding in this damn truck that smells like death and
I have to stop for a train....shit....
I'm getting out and waiting for that to pass.


That bottle leaked onto his carpet, and the milk was in solid form as well. It was left in the truck which probably reached a temp of 200 degrees.

The huzzband bought some air freshener and now says his
truck smells like a watermelon in a pile of rotting cow shit.