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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Well, today was just peachy...NOT! Had to take the oldest 2 and buy school clothes. I saved tons because I went to the outlet stores on Hilton Head and today was NO TAX DAY in South Carolina. My hubby asked me to pick him up some shorts if I saw any...well...ummm...I forgot! So, when I returned home and showed him the day's purchases, he asked, "you didn't get me anything?" I love my husband dearly and did not want to tell him, "Geez, ummm...no, I forgot to even look...so, I did the one thing guaranteed to make him forget he had nothing! I said, "Honey, you have so many shorts now that I thought you'd rather go to Home Depot and pick out some tool or something." His eyes instantly glazed over , he was in full "going to Home Depot" mode. He bought some blower thingy to blow leaves or something in the yard. Muslims have Mecca, Jews and Christian make a pilgrimage to Israel, my husband's Nirvana is Home Depot...He is a charter member of the Most Sacred Church on High of Power Tools, he worships at the altar frequently, and yes, he is faithful about tithing. To hell with 10%, he gives 80%!! So, all is well, kids have school clothes and daddy has a brand new toy!! Damn...I'm good...LOL