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Friday, August 05, 2005

It appears that the Holy Family has a thing for Italian food. First, the Italian blogger Godfather Tony sees the face of Jesus in his Lasagna, (just briefly) now Hilton Head resident, Edilma Pancino see the Virgin Mary! This is not a joke, this is from the free weekly Latino Newspaper here in Savannah!! Seems Senora Pancino works at a convenience store/rest stop/pizza joint and was washing this very pan and got the shock of her life. Jesus' mother, Mary was etched onto the rusty pie pan!! Oh Holy Day! She was granted permisson to take it home and show it to her husband, and I assume the Holy Spirit touched the manager of the store because he let his worker, HAVE, yes for free, this sacred piece of kitchen cookware! The pan occupies a space in her curiou cabinet alongside a statue of Mary given to her husband by his mother. This event has touched the mother in law so much that she's going to leave the home country and make a pilgrimage to her son's barro to see the pan. To hell with the grandkids she hasn't met yet, we're talking a miracle!! Will the miracles in this woman's life never cease? I mean look how blessed she is, making minimum wage in a pizza place and still the Holy Mother shows up on her pan! So, the biggest lesson we can take from this is: The next time you are in a quandry, asking yourself WWJD? You have the answer, he'd order the fettucine with a nice bottle of vino and ask his mother for dinner. I for one and going to start inscpecting every can of Chef-Boy-R-Dee that is on my pantry shelves!!