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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Tonight was Open House at Nicklaus' school. We had to go to find out who his teacher was, what room he had to go to Monday, you know, the basic. Well, this morning we were in the Jeep riding to my mom's house to drop both boys off, Noni had to go to the dentist. While discussing the upcoming Open House and the new school year, Nicklaus chimes in and says, "I hope they don't screw me on my handwriting again this year." (Last year Nicklaus' teacher constantly harped on his messy handwriting, as well she should. However, she bragged and bragged on him for his improvement the last 9 weeks, and his handwriting was flawless. Yet the moron teacher gave him the lowest mark of the year on his report card. Needless to say he was highly disappointed, he'd worked so hard and improved 500%. I still don't understand why, the reasons she gave were ignorant.) Okay, back to the point of this post. When Nicklaus said that, I looked at him and told him that was not an appropriate thing for a 9 year old to say. And I stand by that, it is not conducive to proper parenting to let your kid walk around saying he's been "screwed" out of something, hell, just let him use the f-bomb, means the same thing. Never!! So, he asks me, "Well, what can I say that is appropriate? Not just that word, but everything!" Without skipping a beat I told him, "You know the words Momma (me) says when she's upset, mad, extremely happy or any other more intense than breathing in and out emotion? He says "Yes M'aam." So then I complete this lesson with, "A good rule to practice is to NEVER say any of those!"