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Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire....

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I know many people will not believe the first part of this post, and that's fine, what does it matter to me? My son, Nicklaus is 9. He's never lied to me until today. If he did speak an untruth, he was confessing the fabrication in 2 seconds. He just didn't lie, unbelievable but true. However, today he told me his homework was done and a few more elaborate tales that were false and yes, my heart was broken. My firstborn child is a liar. Noni? The 3 year old? She'll tell a lie to cover her hiney in 2 seconds flat. Nicklaus just never did, until now. And this is what brings me to the point of this post. Here goes another rant from the nutty mom, buckle your seat belts, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!! I started thinking about liars. Sure, everyone tells a little white lie now and again, hell, most people tell some whoppers from time to time. But have you ever met someone who lies about anything and everything? Those people that will lie about shit that doesn't even matter? I have someone in my family like that. He has lied since he started talking. About the most stupid crap anyone can lie about. This individual is not only a liar, he is also a damn thief. He just doesn't have whatever it is that most people have, a conscience I suppose. Anyway, if he sees something he wants, then it's fair game. I love him, he's a member of my family, but he disgusts the hell out of me. I've had all I can stomach. People who lie like this piss me off royally. Why? Because, they live in their own little made up world and they believe that the lies they tell are taken as the gospel truth. So, in other words, we all believe their lies, so we're a bunch of dumbasses. Unfortunately most liars don't ever get called on anything, everyone just takes what they say as fiction and goes on. NO confrontations, nothing. The liar, as stated above, thinks everyone believes their tales. Get real. If you are a person like this, we know you're lying, we just don't feel like wasting the oxygen arguing with you. Whenever this person tells me anything, I don't believe it. The bullshit just rolls off his tongue. I've said before, "If (insert name here) tells you it's raining, you better go outside and get your ass soaking wet before you grab an umbrella, 'cuz he lies just to lie." My husband says he's the type that "Pisses upwind and then tells you it's raining." And most liars I've encountered are the biggest idiots in the world. It gets to the point I think they believe they are the invincible liar of the universe. How else can you explain these dumbass lies:

The aforementioned liar gets a job where my husband works. Is a total sorry ass and just quits coming in one day, yep, drugs are an issue, but that is just a sympton of a much bigger problem, anyway, lays out 3 weeks, never calls in,loses job, lays around parent's house for a month, then tells his mom, (he's 24 & has moved back in with parents) he's getting his job back, just waiting for drug tests to come back. His mom has heard this bullshit once too often, calls me, I call husband, dude's a big fat liar, no one has seen or heard from him. Ummm...hello, this is your brain calling....think dumbass, think....you are related to someone that's been with this company a long time, they'll know if you've been in or not.

The lying shithead, when he did work at the company, called in for the day. Mr. Intelligent told the boss he'd hurt his knee in a car accident. (Never happened) Laid out 3 days, came back to work with crutches and a brace on his knee. NOTHING WAS WRONG WITH HIS KNEE. He wins for stupid ass of the year.

And I've seen something in him that I find highly ironic. He'll steal, he'll lie, but no one better ever dare lie to him or steal from him!! Today, a little justice was meted out, much deserved in my opinion. I am not usually such a bitch, well, okay, yeah I am. Hubby called with some information to relate to Liarboy, so I called him. Hubby found out that liar's tools he'd left at the company were not there. His co-worker (that got fired) took them home with him. Liarboy says, "Oh hell no, how could they let him take my tools home? That's over 2,000 dollars worth of stuff. Who in the hell told him he could take my tools home??" I said, "I suppose the same person that said you could steal all the stuff your grandfather left your dad when he died." (click)
What goes around, comes around...