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You can take a boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy!!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Before my hubby became a cabinet installer he worked as a framer. Joey's fuse is short, he'll let the redneck come out if he thinks it necessary. Well, when I was pregnant with Noni he tried to curb his impulse to punch the dog shit outta this asshole at work. He knew we needed the money desperately for our family, so he put up with this guys bullshit for a week or so. He'd come home, tell me what the "dickweed" said and how much he wanted to knock him out but he had to keep his job so, he ignored the fool. Around the third week of working with this jerk, he was miserable at not being able to whoop his ass. I mean no offense by this, my husband worked in the construction field (still does) but, most of the guys are sorry as hell, lazy as hell and high as hell. One day the phone rang and it was Joey telling me to come and pick him up. We only had one car at this time. So when he called I said, Joey, you didn't hit him did you? Please say no, you didn't hit him. His reply?? Not hard.=!!