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The Day I've Cried Over For Months Finally Arrived....

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Yep, I've been so upset about the fact that my baby girl, Noni was going to begin a Pre-K program today. I LOVE having my kids at home with me and as much as they drive me nutz, I wouldn't want them anywhere except here with me. Noni, being grown-up in her mind, has been wanting to go to school since she was 3. This was the year. There was no way on earth she was going to go all day though, so we found a little private Pre-K program that meets Monday through Thursday. The hours are 9:00am-Noon. So, we're in the car riding to school and it hits me again. I am talking to my mom at the time and yep, I start bawling. I hand the phone to Nanny so they can talk a moment and before my little clingy (NOT) angel says hello, she looks at me and offers the following advice: "Mom, count to 3 and calm down, stop crying you goofy girl! Sigh, she doesn't need me at all. Daddy met his little princess at the school so we could both walk her in and I took a billion pictures. Joey had to practically pry me away from the school and Noni? Noni could have cared less, she was at school, she was now officially a big girl. When I arrived to pick her up, I saw her class on the playground. Noni was swinging away, until another little girl walked up to swing as well. The other little girl got on the swing beside Noni and Mother Hen Noni jumped off of her swing so she could push the girl. Noni also says she "...got a paper towel for a little boy in her class." I had to tell her that technically he wasn't a "little" boy, he was the same age as her. She promptly replied, "Well, he didn't act like it." Ahem...always to Mother Hubbard this one. As you can see by the pics, she made 2 new friends and they held hands walking back from the playground, "just 'cause we wanted to." "Noni, what are your new friends names?" "I don't know, I didn't want to ask." When the trio was walking up in my direction, I snapped a few pictures of them. Noni, rolled her eyes and informed her friends, "That's my momma taking pictures again." Good Lord, please help me with this one when she becomes a teenager. The heck with teenager, at this stage, the age of 8 may be the one to start watching out for...