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And another "N" is added to the family!!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

I swear I did not even suggest the name, Nelly. Even if it does start with an "N." And in my defense, I will state again, Nathan was not a planned deal, but I had to come up with an "N" name for him, no matter how cheesy it sounds, how could I have named him anything else? Can't you see me calling, "Nicklaus, Noni, Fred...time for dinner? But, if you look closely you can see Noni's birthday present, a desert box turtle, that she calls "Nelly." Thank you all powers that be that I don't have a damn frog, the turtle is cool. One note of amusement. Nelly ate some dinner, had a drink or two of water and Noni asks us, "Can I hold Nelly after her butt stops dripping?" Seems Noni wasn't aware that turtles have to take a whiz now and again also...LOL..and yes, just as soon as Nelly's hind end stopped dripping, and I was sure no turtle turdies were forthcoming, Noni got to hold her and let her crawl around. And me? The overprotective momma? I have a giant bottle of hand sanitizer right next to the aquarium. I heard those varmints can cause salmonella or something, so...I ain't takin' no chances! What?????? I am not like my mother....much.