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He Brings Home the Bacon Little Chickens & Fries 'em Up In 'da Pan

Sunday, August 14, 2005

If you read about my eventful trip to REDNECKS-R-US Bass Pro Shop for Father's Day, then you are aware the kids and I bought the hubby a fish fryer as his gift. Now, the huzzband has been working some long hours and we have no fish in the freezer, I, ummm....errr...well they got thawed out and had to be thrown out, DON'T ASK. Anyway, after marital counseling, because no wife worth a damn lets fish go bad....lol...but, to add insult to injury...he did not know there weren't any fish until he went to thaw them out and cook them with his new gift. That was a very good time for all in the old homestead. But, ever the quick thinker, I brought out some peanuts for boiling and honey, he was happier than a pig in shit to light the fire and boil us up a mess of peanuts! Because, there is no way that this household will ever BUY any fish in a market, oh hell no, why? I live with a professional fisherman. At least to hear him tell it. But, that suits me fine, I don't really care for fish that much, I do like the Captain D's kind with the vinegar, yummy. Shh...don't tell everyone, dammit. He's also fried us up a batch of Ore-Ida Tater Tots. But, the other night, while in the "place we do not speak of" that I had to promise many favors for him to walk into, he saw something that he could fry. With oil!! Yep, Cornish Game Hens, or little chickens as the kids and I call them. We bought 3. They weighed about 1.5 pounds apiece. And tonight was the frying night. I made up a rub and rubbed those little suckers down. Wrapped up tight in some Saran-Wrap and let them sit and marinate in the 'fridge for about 8 or so hours. Then, I seasoned up some flour with various things, if you wanna know, ask. When the huzzband arrived home from work, I could see the "I get to fry something" gleam in his eyes. And fry he did. This was the best fried chicken I've ever put in my mouth, the kids ate it up, no complaints at all, from anyone! It was soooo juicy and an added bonus? Wishbones for both of the oldest kids to wish on!! Those little chickens fool you though, they are a lot bigger than they appear. So, he wrapped one up and took it over to my parents' house, they loved it. And guess what my momma sent home to me?? A big bag of boiled peanuts!! And I don't care how many of y'all say they are gross, they are not...they are one of God's gifts to this world and if us Southerners are the only ones that eat them? I say all Yankees should "Just say no to boiled peanuts!!" Hell yeah...saves more for me!! Seriously though, everyone should fry up some little chickens now and then, they are great!