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Monday, August 15, 2005

I decided to look and see what search engines refer to my site and what people put in to get directed to my site. Some of these are okay, legitimate references, the others are total degenerate scumsucking assholes and should be hunted down for even thinking of putting such sick shit into a search and who are these numbnuts that actually think of these things? Here are a few examples of what I found:

see the penis of little kids
(ain't happenin' on my site, and if you came here looking for that, do society a favor and shoot your sick ass now)

get odor out of toddler sandals
(hell, I don't know, I guess go to Wal-Mart and pay
another 6 bucks for a pair, why did this come up
with a link to my site?)

kids driving mom nuts
(well, that's pretty self-explanatory)

win a trip to usa chocolate factory cods
(they make chocolate cods in a factory somewhere, hot damn...)

l mature moms putting their ass in sons face
(what in the hell?)

my sexy mom
(well, I should have been the #1 link for that one)

lovely female holes
(ummm, okay, I guess so)

why do children chew on shirts
(because they can)

daddy embarrassed me showed the boys my vagina
(why would someone even look up that particular phrase? And how in the fuck did I become the #1 link for this?? Out of 5,660 results containing daddy embarrassed me showed the boys my vagina I am number one? That's some sick shit, I swear. MSN search is off base on this one...)