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Southern speak for dummies....

Friday, August 12, 2005

In the interest of helping all you damn Yankees understand us Southerners a bit, I have decided to make a post dealing with phrases, words, food and other tidbits of information pertaining to the South.

Southern Words

Y'all -(Pronounced Yawl)this is the shortened
version of you all, just like you'se guys
but much more pleasant on the ears

(Pronounced just like it's spelled) This word
is southern for dog. It's also the name of the
best damn college team anywhere, the University
of Georgia Bulldogs....Hunker Down!!

Reckon- (pronounced Reck-Un) this means I suppose.
As in, I reckon I need to quit smoking. A popular comeback
when someone says "I reckon" is, "wrecked 'em(see below)
damn near killed them!"

Em (if you can't pronounce this, you're are a total dumbass
please leave) This word is the southern version of them. Need an
example, see above.

Fixin'- (again, don't be a dumbass) this means that
a person is about to do something. Examples: I am
fixin' to go to town. I am fixin' to cook dinner.

Winder- (pronounced When-dur) Those things you look out of
in your house,car, etc. May also be called window.

Cha- (like the cha-cha dance)- this means you. Example:
Don't cha want to go? Bet cha a dollar!

Okry-(pronounced oh-kree) a green slimy vegetable that tastes
great. Also known as okra.

Southern Foods & Such

Boiled Peanuts


Collard Greens

Pepper vinegar
(this goes on peas and rice, greens, whatever,
it's a mason jar with hot peppers, red or green and vinegar)

Sugar Cane
(you just chew the sweet out and spit the chewed up
mass out.)

Chicken and Dumplings

Peach Cobbler
(I make the best damn cobbler anywhere!!)

Low Country Boil
(Yummy, yummy, shrimp, sausage,
corn, potatoes and spices. mmmmmmm)

Southern Phrases

Skinning a buck - this has nothing to do with
money. The buck in question is a male
deer. To skin a deer is to take all of the
skin off and carve out the meat. One can also
skin a catfish.

Hey You- this is not necessarily trying to get your
attention. It is used as a greeting. As in, Hello, haven't seen you
in a while.

Can I hold a dollar?- We are not asking for you to let us feel your currency,
we are asking to borrow it.

This is all for now. I will think of more totally southern things and post at a later date. So....y'all come back now, ya hear? It doesn't get any better than learning how to speak and understand the south when a true G.R.I.T.S. is teaching ya!!