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My husband is a cross-dresser...

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My husband knows I am posting this, and as long as none of the guys at work read it...he's cool with it. Seems hubby had a little fashion faux pas this morning when he dressed for work. Last time I did laundry, I guess I put a pair of my denim shorts in his drawer. Seeing as how he's always hitting the snooze button and ending up running around like a deranged chicken, he didn't notice this. Yep, he put on a pair of my shorts and wore them to work. (Yes, they are very big on me, they don't fit anymore.) Anyway, he called me from work around 4 o'clock or so and asked if I had a pair of jeans shorts with a hole in the pocket, I said yep. He then knew why he had to carry his wallet(wouldn't fit in the back pocket,) why they were so short when he sat down, they are long on me, I'm 5'5", he's 6'2", they were damn near Daisy Dukes when he sat down, and the final insult to injury? In his own words, "I had no place for my cods to go and my pecker was in a knot." Guess I never have to wonder if I'll come home and find him dressed in my lingerie.....Bwahahahahah...I love my husband!