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Keep Out!! Private Property!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The hubby and I were talking today about how cool it is that we can actually post “Private Property” signs on our land and have it mean something. Before when we were renting or leasing,we had to sign a contract at some point saying that we’d allow the landlord “reasonable” access to home and property with proper notice. Well, that ain’t the case here. Sure, someone may still cut across our property or the like. But NO ONE is allowed in our home if not invited in. Shoot, compared to what we did live in, this place is classified as a luxury home and we are very proud/protective over it. Well, I guess if we don’t pay the mortgage, a representative from the mortgage company can come in. But with God’s help and hard work that will not happen, so it’s all ours. We’re buying our signs tomorrow.