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Definition of Crazy

Thursday, June 07, 2007

HIM: I've asked and asked "them" to come over and they won't.

Keep in mind there is no telling what they've all sat around and said about me. However, for sake of argument, fine, he's asked "them."

ME: Well, did you or did you not say that you were tired of asking them and if they didn't come over then you were through going over there? (this was Monday...k?)

HIM: Yes, I did say that. But you could have come with me some.

ME: After *SHE* called me a whore and said I slept with a seventeen year old?

HIM: She said she didn't call you a whore.

ME: When you say your brother's wife slept with a 17 year old boy the whore is implied.

HIM: She said she didn't say you did that.

ME: Are you trying to make me lose my mind? YOU ARE THE ONE THAT TOLD ME SHE SAID IT. YOU TOLD ME.

I swear at this point I have no clue who he is. And I also have no trust nor respect right now. I don't even believe he's at work. I really do feel in my heart he's over there, hanging out, having a good time. Well, enjoy that while ya can...they leave on Sunday...I'm here to stay. Or you can pack your trusty Wal-Mart bags and stay with the bitch in law. Either way...don't care. I am so sick of crying over him, it's pathetic. But, I know me. The tears will stop...and then I'll be over it. Been there, done that and have the gowns to prove it.

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