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I Would Have Went To Jail....

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Joey was in one of his down moods Saturday. Stayed in bed half the day. Well, the kidz and I had a Vacation Bible School parade at church to go to. He didn't want to get up and go, so we went, I rode on top of a fire truck...woohoo...great fun. Nothing like HUGE fire hoses to rest your butt upon. Anyway, we got home around 12:00 or so. I sat around then had a brilliant idea. Get the kidz to go and wake him up and we could all go to Splash in The Boro . They each went into the bedroom in intervals, and lo and behold it worked. He got up, made an effort and we went!! Now, when we first arrived it was great. We did the Lazy River a few times and then the kidz played in this awesome water house thingy they have. We were having a ball, then the day changed. We were getting back in the Lazy River and I noticed two buses from the First African Church of Something unloading. About 150 kids and I only saw about 5 adults to supervise. Great, the fun times were over. Let's see, first we had one boy about 14 years old grab Nicklaus' innertube away from him in the Lazy River loading area. Of course, I snatched it right back and said, "That belongs to him." To which I got a surly stare and a smart comment. You can do lots of things to me....messing with my kidz is not one of them. I overheard him telling another boy, "That white bitch took my innertube." Great PR for the church group, eh? I could not resist saying, "This white bitch will have you removed from this park if you say that just one more time. Go ahead, do it..." Next occurrence was when Nathan and I were in the water house thingy....Joey had been watching him and I was taking my turn. Some kid around 13 or so, was looking at my 3 year old, asking over and over, "What choo lookin' at?" Then he got in Nathan's face. I calmly said, "You have 1 second to get out of my child's face or I promise you, you won't like what happens." He just glared. Then Nathan went through this little tunnel thing and the same kid went in after him. I had to pull Nathan out because the little demon was lying on top of my three year old. I told him he was lucky I didn't slap the crap out of him. And asked, "What is wrong with you climbing on a baby like that?" I didn't hear all of his reply, and it's probably a good thing. But it did have the word "white" in it. I had Nathan behind me, Joey later told a friend of ours, "Kellie had him like a fish on a stringer," and went over to where Joey was sitting. From 20 feet away, Joey was looking at me like, "What's wrong?" When I reached him I said, "I am going to go to jail for slapping a child if I don't get away from there." I told him what happened and we left. Our day was fun, but short. My question is this. We teach our children to respect adults of all races. Our kidz don't refer to people as that "white" one or that "black" one, why does it seem that these kids are being groomed to disrespect all white people and just take and grab what they want? Why is it only my kids that realized there were turns to take and rules to follow?

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