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What Would You Do?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I really would like some feedback on this....so comment, k? As I've said before, we live in the middle of nowhere. We have neighbors, but the two closest are about 10-15 acres away. We live on the end of a dirt road, with woods on two sides. Which we love. Joey and Nicklaus go hunting in the winter in them. The ones that are ours. Then they explore the other parts at various times. That is why we chose this place. Well, the man that owns the 100+ acres next to us has been bugging us to no end. He's called, come up here, all sorts of crap. Why? Because there is some sort of zoning law that says he must have an easement to develop or sell the land next to us, the 100+ acres. Now he let is slip that he's going to sell them off for housing and such. The neighbor in front of us, their land has already been given to him. Not by the present owner, by the former one. We got a letter from an attorney saying that "the Smith family is prepared to give us $250 for 0.023 of any acre for the easement." We don't want to do it, and we're not going to. Why? For 2 reasons, 1) we don't want to have a housing development next to us. We like living in the woods, there is no telling what kind of housing he will even put back there, and 2) yes, $250 may sound fair for a minuscule portion of land, however, he will be making over a million dollars on this and he only wants to pay us $250??? What would you do?