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Just an Observation...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I've been pondering this topic for awhile. Just didn't know how exactly to word it for a post. I'll give it my best shot. It's not an overtly religious one, really. I have noticed this for years and it really confuses me. The puzzling issue? Okay, here goes:

Has anyone else ever noticed amongst the Internet or elsewhere that if a person is an agnostic or atheist or whatever the only religion that really just irks the crap outta them is Christianity? I mean, I've read blogs by atheists and the like. In fact I have several I read regularly, most I don't comment on, others I might. I've noticed that even some of the atheists have no problem whatsoever with invoking advice or the like from any deity (Buddha, for example) but they will want to kill someone if they mention God or more specifically Jesus. If you don't believe in anything, yet find something relevant in Buddhist teachings, it's fine. If someone else may point out something that Jesus said in His teachings or whatever, then the non-believers will wanna lynch you. I guess my dilemma is, most people do admit that Jesus was a real person, he did walk the Earth for 33 years teaching and such. Even if you do not recognize Him as Messiah, why would the mere mention of His name provoke such outright hostility? How come you can't reference something He said or did as an example of something? Why is the Dali Lama okay to cite, yet you are a hate-mongering fool if you mention Christ? Even if you don't believe in Him as I do, aren't any of his teachings okay to reference? Why does His name inspire such hatred? If you mention Hindu teachings, fine....however, don't you dare bring up that horrible name, Jesus? Just a question in life I have yet to figure out.

***Please note, I am not talking about the idiots who spout off about how Jesus would kill all gay people, or if you are not a Christian you deserve to die or you destined to burn in hell . I mean people who are invoking something positive that Jesus said or did. "Love your neighbor" "He who is without sin, cast the first stone, etc...***

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