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Nicklaus was quite the happy kid...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

He took his money that his Aunt Livey sent him for his grades, the money he got for losing a tooth and another few dollars he'd saved up and bought himself a new game for the PS2. (Yep, we're still on dial-up, out here in the boonies we'd have to pay $50+ a month for DSL, so as far as games go...it's PS2 around here.) He bought JAWS. It's not a new release game so it was only $ 19.89 at" the place we do not speak of." Let me tell ya...that's one bad ass shark. It can jump on the beach and grab people....forget about going into the water...don't even hit the sand honey!! You should have seen him though...he was MR. BIG buying his own items, with his own money. But, he earned it through hard work....and kissing up to Auntie Linda all the time...LOL

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