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So Far....So Good

Sunday, March 18, 2007

We have had the best weekend. I can really see that the hubby is trying with everything he has. He didn't stay in bed all day Saturday or Sunday! There has been no yelling or arguing. We went to pick up the kidz' trampoline at my mom's house and he put it together again as soon as we got home. Keep in mind, we moved into our new home August 1, 2006 and the thing had just stayed in the yard, he never once had any desire to put it together. Now it's together. I don't know if I've mentioned this before but hubby is a cabinet installer. That's his "official" title, but he also does counter tops, bathroom fixtures, etc. Anyway, he brought home a counter top that had been cut wrong by someone and his company was going to throw it away. He got it to make a table for me in our study so I can do my scrapbooking and Ebay stuff. It's sat here since August 5, 2006. Well, last month a friend gave me a really, really big computer desk, with storage and everything for my stuff. I told him I wanted the counter top in my laundry room. I don't know why, but to me it makes laundry a little more bearable to just scoop them out the dryer and fold right there. It is now in my laundry room and has already been used immensely!! Nicklaus and Joey stayed up half the night playing video games together. It's just been wonderful, like it used to be.

I can't say bipolar is and/or was the cause of all the problems, sometimes he's just an ass, no medical diagnosis needed. I really feel if he continues counseling and opens up about how horrendous his childhood was (even I don't know all of it, the parts I do are bad enough.) it would be much easier for him to cope with the effects of being bipolar. Just my hypothesis on that matter!! Take it with a grain of salt (with tequila and lemon, of course.) Hope this didn't bore you to much, stay tuned.....wait until I tell you about what went on when I left. It's a hoot & a half I tell ya :-) I didn't think idiots like these existed....and the things they can pump into someone's head, mainly my husband, really borders on "okay, I'm gonna knock your teeth down your throat, beeyotch!" His family is really a piece of work, I swear! They descend like vultures when they hear a marriage is dying....instead of being supportive and talking it out, seeing if there is anyway to salvage a relationship, keep a family together, a family with 3 kidz, they just go off the deep end and spew utter garbage. But they aren't really a big issue for us when we're together, he NEVER calls them. Lord, let me stop typing now....I promise more on this subject shortly

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