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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I appreciate all of your kind words and encouragement about my seperation and about my reconciliation. In my heart, I know that my family deserves to be together and I am feeling very positive about our chances at making this work. My husband does have bipolar and thus some of this is due to this evil illness. But, he is willing to work on it, and I am willing to work on what I need to. I was not a perfect wife, I did in NO WAY deserve what was being done, and neither did the kids, but I also know, that the man I fell in love with still does exist and it just took this giant hit to his head and heart to make him realize it. We are going to be going through a lot finanically, it is going to be a very tough road, I know this, but we are willing to work WITH each other this time, instead of against each other. We are going to make time for US also. In 7 years, we have been able to be alone, without any children maybe 5-6 times. And I'm not talking about a weekend or anything, we've been able to have a dinner together, maybe that many times without 1-3 children. Our marriage is important to us, and we are going to work on it. We're going to get our kids on a schedule, instead of letting them basically do whatever. They have beds, they are going to use them, instead of ours. We've got a long road ahead of us, but I really feel like, together, with both of us working on it, it can work. So, thanks again, and please do not stop the prayers, we need them now more than ever.