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Let me clarify....

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

We are going to spend the weekend with him, NOT move back in immediately....
If he came to me begging and crying and promising to change everything, I would NOT believe him....
This is not how it is....he knows he screwed up big time, in fact a lot of time today was spent with just Nicklaus, and he and Nicklaus talking and working things out, Joey knows he treated us all wrong, but he is especially sorry for the way he did Nicklaus, because Nicklaus is a child and daddies shouldn't do that.
But, he is willing to get help, he is willing to go to extra counseling sessions as a couple and as a family. He is willing to give 100% to be the man he should be. And I took vows, ALL of my children wanted to go home tonight, and I held off. I want it to be when he's home, all day, so I can see if this can be done. Someone with bipolar and the issues he has is not the best at hiding aggravation, annoyance, and a myriad of other things for extended periods of time....so, the kids are out of school on Friday, he works half a day...we'll see, that's all I can do, is see....and ask for all of your prayers that maybe, just maybe, I have my family and life back like it used to be....