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Pay Per Post Has Big Announcement In The Works!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

That's right, the hottest thing in online advertising, Pay Per Post has a really big announcement set to come out in the next week or two. Whatever could it be? Hmmm...let's speculate shall we? I think it is going to be paid vacations and spending money for wittiest and most articulate Posties! Wouldn't that be great for us? I can't wait to pack my bags up and head out to Disney with the kids. Ahhh....all expenses paid trips....yep, that's what it is going to be. I tell ya, I feel it in my ol' bones. I'm ready to get the luggage out and book my flight now. Or maybe, just maybe, it may be they've slated up a whole gaggle of new advertisers, that pay even better money than they do now! I sure could use the extra, couldn't everyone? Maybe they've even got the advertisers that pay for the posts to start selecting a few Posties to receive an item or two and then we'd really be able to post about using the product firsthand!! Well, I don't know what the BIG NEWS is, but you can bet with Pay Per Post it's gonna to be HUGE!!!