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The Move....Part 1

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The past two days have been spent in a fog, really. I am exhausted, I will try to post as much as I can and finish tomorrow. I feel like someone that's been in a coma, wakes up, and is still slow at grasping the world around them. My dad, mom, uncle and Justin (he of deer & rabbit killing fame) and Justin's brother arrived yesterday morning after the kids went to school to help with the move. I only took the following items:

1- All of Nicklaus' Bedroom Furniture, his TV, clothes,toys,guns, go-cart
My mother bought Nicklaus' bed and I had the TV when I got married

2 - Nathan's Bed, Clothes & Toys
Jerk did get the bed given to him by a co-worker for free

3-Noni's Bed, TV, Entertainment Center, Most of Her Clothes
The bed was given to Noni by my niece, the Entertainment Center was given
to Jerk, For the kidz by the same co-worker as was the TV.

4-My clothes in my Chest of Drawers and Dresser, My Computer,
A Set Of Dishes, TV, Love Seat, Couch and My Jewelry
The Chest of Drawers and Dresser were my Late Grandmother's,
The Dishes were only ONE set, our OLD set that my Mom gave me, the TV
was given to us by my parents, I only took that TV because Nathan will need one,
the couch and love seat was from my niece, we were supposed to pay for it, and
Jerkoff was never one to pay for anything, I found out that my mom finished
paying her for it, he only gave her like $200.

I left the Living Room Suite (we had 2 couches in there, I only took the one) ALL of the den furniture, all of my pots, glasses, silverware, etc. I even left the Playstation 2 because I did not want to piss him off any more than necessary. I left the big TV in the den, that I HAD when we got married. I got really nervous around 4PM yesterday, I thought he may be on his way home, I made sure I had all of the "big" stuff and planned to go back this morning and get the rest of Noni's clothing, ALL of her toys, and her school shoes, she'd taken them off the day before and needed them desperately. We don't have money to buy more. Plus ALL of my clothes were still in the closet. When I got there this morning, (7:20am) this is what I found:

The front door deadbolt - changed
The sliding glass door - barred shut
The back door deadbolt - Jerkoff BROKE a key off in it so I could not use key in it.

I called the Sherriff's Office and told them the situation. I was told to come into the office and file a report. When asked about what made me "break" and say enough is enough, I told about Nicklaus....my oldest son, yet always my baby, sleeping on the living room floor, be yelled at once to GET UP and then, without even a moment to open his eyes, being yanked up by the arm, and hit full force on the butt on lower back, me jumping up to help and being told to "Shut your fucking mouth and sit your sorry ass down." I said that was it. Y'all I've done this for almost 7 years, Nicklaus and I have suffered enough. Noni and Nathan have been neglected enough. See, the kidz were kinda like puppies to him.....once they reach a certain age he starts treating them differently. Maybe he never would have been that hard on "his" two children, or maybe so, I don't want to know. All I know is that I sat crying my eyes out in a Sherriff's office just wanting my little girl's shoes and clothes. He could have burnt mine at that point, I didn't care. The officer left and the next thing I know this lady walks in. She's a legal advocate for women and by the end of the day, I'd been in front of a judge, granted a 30 day order of protection for myself and my 3 children. NO contact to 30 days with any of us and then we go before a judge. He was also ordered to pay temporary child support via mail to my mom's PO box. Who knows if he will? If not, they said it would look really bad on him at our 30 day hearing. There is so much more to tell, smashing windows, threats to beat up a 17 year old....but I am exhausted. I am really trying to figure out how I will adjust to a life of not getting yelled at for parking the car in the wrong spot, not knowing where HE left his flashlight, for having the nerve to run a 104 fever and not get up and cook and wash HIS jeans.....hell, I've gotten yelled at for everything....and for nothing....and so have my kidz....mainly Nicklaus......please pray for us all.....my kidz are really having a hard time. I don't think I have ever cried so much in my life. I really do think that with his bi-polar and anger issues along with whatever else the crazy bastard has he needs to be hospitalized for a period of time and maybe they can adjust his medication. Is that my primary goal in life anymore-catering to him and making sure he takes his medicine, that all is well in his little world....HELL NO.....and I TOOK THE PLAYSTATION 2 FOR NICKLAUS!!!

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