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Friday, March 09, 2007

There are no words I can use that can even begin to express the gratitude I feel to all of you....Livey for the phone calls, the links of love everything, and LL you have no idea how much what you sent means, I couldn't stop crying yesterday or today, those acts of kindness meant so very much to me and the kidz, thank you, thank you, thank you! I left without a penny to my name and now...well, thank you honey!!! And to all the rest of you for the words of encouragement and all, you have uplifted me more than anything. I miss my home, I do....I worked so hard to get all the paperwork and everything together to get that. A year of straightening out his credit report so we could have something and now it's just gone....and I can't get it for the kids and myself, because there is no way I can or will be able to afford a $1300 mortgage. So, all I am looking forward to right now, and will be extremely blessed to get it is an apartment for my kids. And I have got to get back to the county we were in. The school system is wonderful and it just felt like home up there. But, that will be many months down the road, I know. I may qualify for rental assistance, but I will still have to have the deposits and such....I have no car to even get anywhere. I am praying really hard that something falls together though through one program or another and I am able to do something soon...there is hardly room in this house for another adult, much less one bringing 3 children. If I could get my ducks in a row, I know my dad would let me borrow his truck for transportation of myself to work and the kids to some form of childcare. I have an appointment on Monday with the Georgia Legal Services people for a lawyer to go with me for the year Protective Order. I don't even know if I need that, he wasn't physically abusive per se, just horribly verbal and mental...and I know the kids miss their dad. Well, he won't have anything to do with Nicklaus I am sure, but the other two do love him, despite as Noni says, "He yells and cusses at Momma all the time." He's their dad, I do not want them to be kept from him. However, I do think the 30 day order is a wonderful idea. I'm not sure exactly what he will be capable of at this time, he needs the time to cool down. And not subject my kids to his tirades and rage against me because I left and took his things...which as I wrote before, were not really his. Anyway, thanks again, I love all you guys and you have helped more than you'll ever know.....Oh yeah...one more thing.....the Pay Per Post thing is cool, you really don't have to click on it or anything unless it's something you are interested in, I get paid anyway just for posting it, that's all. But....if you click the ads over there on the left, above the Bidvertiser thing, I do get paid per click for that....so....if you wanna click on one....please....feel free to do so!

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