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I don't want another dog...I mean it...

Thursday, February 01, 2007

A few weeks ago, Joey went hunting at some club and called me while there. Seems a stray had wandered up, a friendly stray.

Joey: I'm bringing a dog home....he looks just like Loki.

(If you remember, Loki was the dog I fell in love with and then ran over and killed, accidentally!)

Me: I don't care, it isn't Loki and I don't want another dog.

Needless to say, the dog came home with him. The dog looks nothing like Loki except color and his name is, "Snuffbox." How redneck is that??? Snuffbox was the name of the hunting club. So, I went outside one night, got into the van and proceeded to run the damn dog over. Accidentally, he escaped unscathed, and guilt took over...Thus, I convinced hubby he had to bathe him and let him in. I had to do something to help the Snuffster out with, what I am sure, was a traumatic experience.

Here is a picture of what ol' Snuffy does most nights now. Yeah, that's my bed...and my husband's feet... Okay, Okay...Mom has a new dog. I refuse to allow the next dog I run over inside my house, or on my bed....I swear it....

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