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He Shore Does Love Her, Don't He? YeeeeeHawwww

Saturday, September 09, 2006

After reading Livey's post, Friday Night Fun, I had to share my little dumpster story! One of the things I do miss about the hellhole we lived in, and it's really the only thing, is garbage pick-up. That's right, the big green truck, the mechanical arm thingy that picks up your can and dumps it all. We don't have that up here, we have to go down the road a ways to the dumpsters. But, I have figured out that those in the "really" rural South, or some of them anyway, say "To hell with roses, candy and Hallmark!!! I will declare my love on the damn dumpster!" So, they do.

In order to clear up any confusion, this clever Romeo takes the first dumpster to tell his Juliet that he is aware she is with child. And to make it all the more touching, he knows it is his.

The next dumpster is just letting Juliet know that he still loves her. Why? Did she do something to this daring young man? This Shakespeare of Waste Management facilities? Who in the hell knows, but he does and to declare this devotion he wanted the whole, errr...community to know. And what better way to declare your love and whatever else that is crossed out? C'mon, a lil' dumpster lovin' baby!!

Apparently this Romeo's Juliet did not fall all over herself running to contact him. In order to show his concern, he must ask, "Baby, where are you?" Everybody knows she'd come to the dumpsters right? Why doesn't he just go to her house....I don't know about y'all, but I smelled not only garbage up there, I also caught a nice whiff of "this dude crazy, can I have a restraining order please?" There is a fourth dumpster but for some reason I cannot get the picture to load...it declares:

"I relly love you" Apparently dumpsters do not offer a spell check feature. To further emphasize this budding Romeo's love, the hubster asked me which dumpsters I went to. When I told him he informed me the other set about two miles down the road in the opposite direction had declarations of love and parenthood as well. Wonder if the mother-to-be can use this to establish paternity?