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What are they teaching their kidz? Or what are these kidz learning???

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

So...when Nicklaus came home from school yesterday this is the conversation we had:

Nicklaus: Mom, someone called me a lesbian today.

Mom: A what??

Nicklaus: A lesbian...

Mom: (trying no to laugh too much) Son, what made them call you a lesbian?

Nicklaus: You know how you put your hand like an "L" and put it on your forhead for loser? Well, me and another kid were talking about wrestling and we did that about some wrestlers.

Mom: And this made him call you a lesbian?

Nicklaus: Yeah...he says if you put your fingers like that you're a lesbian.

Mom: Nicklaus, do you remember when you asked me what a lesbian was, and I told you??

Nicklaus: Yeah...

Mom: So, is there any way on this earth you could be a lesbian???

Nicklaus: No...well...unless I went on that show you watch without out us. That one about the boy becoming girls and stuff....Trans something.....

Mom: Oh dear Lord...just go play.....if you want your woozle cut off, we'll discuss that at a later date.....