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Men.....I don't understand.....

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

During the month of bipolar hell I, Momz, as stated before, had it....I blew a gasket. As such, I decided to go and stay with my parents a few days. Upon returning home, before walking into the kitchen, we sat down in the living room and were going over a few things. I asked, "I suppose you didn't even put one dish in the dishwasher while we were gone, huh?" Yep...I'm a bitch....so, anyway....hubby answers, (keep in mind we were gone FOUR days) "No, all I messed up were 4 spoons." He ate everything outta the can, no warming up, no plates, hell for that matter, just drink outta the 2-liter soda bottle....how long do you think he would have kept that up? I'm curious to leave for a week or so and just see what the hell he eats to survive...BWAHAHAHAHAHA

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