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Well...The Deed has been done...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

What deed? Why the killing of the first deer on our own land. It was a doe. No, it wasn't Joey or Nicklaus that got it....it was our friend's son who stayed over the weekend with us and hunted on Saturday and Sunday. Nicklaus & Noni had quite the time playing with a deer liver and the cut off legs....they used them to make tracks in the dirt. YeeHaw buddy.......and my little puppy, Loki, got fed deer meat, so did Nathan's "My Baby Buster." They were so stuffed all they could do was lounge on the grass...walking was just to bothersome when you're that full I guess. Every single one of my family members, except Nathan and myself were dressed in some combination of camoflague. I'm slappin' a sign up that says "Rednecks "R" Us and saying to hell with it!