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Just a Little Tip....

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Okay...so I had my Housewarming/Open House yesterday....got a lot of really nice gifts. For the first time ever I have a complete set of matching glasses and silverware...woohoo for me. I cleaned like a deranged banshee....getting everything all spotless and tidy. I hate cleaning, I think Martha Stewart is some freak of nature...anyhoo....here's my tip. If you forget you have one of those Clorox Bleach Toilet Tablet thingies in your toilet and you drop in one of the "pretty blue water" thingies, you end up explaining to all of your guests that, "Please don't think that someone pissed and forgot to flush...actually, ummm....I just kinda screwed up...see, what I did was...." And no, I did not say piss, my mom and people from the church were here, my mother would have fallen out in a dead faint...after telling me "Kellie, you don't have to be so vulgar..."