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It's Moments Like These That Make Me Proud to Be A Mom & Wife

Monday, September 04, 2006

Nicklaus' teacher asked the class, "What are your goals this year?" Many a hand went up. One child wanted to finish their AR goals, another to make honor roll, yet another to be elected President of the 4-H club. And what did my eldest child answer? What was his deepest desire? Which goal did he want to achieve? Why honey, it was this: "I would like to kill my first deer this year."


Noni: Momma, I don't want to buy lunch at school anymore, I want you to make it.

Momma: Okay, but why don't you like school lunch, Noni?

Noni: Because you have to carry your tray. I don't like carrying my tray, Princesses shouldn't have to carry their lunch tray.

Momma: Well, hell, is that all? Momma will go right down there and get one of your loyal subjects to carry that for you. Geesh Noni....

Nicklaus: I wish y'all would give me $20 for the Book Fair. (keep in mind he wants to buy some piece of crap mini bug vaccuum, not books.)

Nutz Dad: I wish I had two assholes so I could shit faster.

Nicklaus: collapses into a fit of giggles.....nothing like some good bathroom humor to amuse your 10 year old.