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I Thought I Lived in The Country Before...Hell No....

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Alrighty then....I am sitting on the front steps the other night...minding my own damn business and from outta nowhere this huge buzzing, whirring, I don't know how in the hell to describe it, sound from something comes flapping by my head. I screamed like a little bitch girl, of course Joey was asleep inside and I coulda been getting shot at like Scarface and he wouldn't have missed a snore...so....I attempted to outmaneuver the whatever the hell this demon spawn was and the damn thing landed on my back...I was two seconds away from ripping my nightshirt off and running bare breasted as Eve before the Fall through my front 3.5 acres when this hummingbird sized creature took off....I caught a glimpse of it though...and when I went out the next night...I came prepared....I had my digital camera in hand to document this mutated species of insect life we have up here in the sticks...and yes...it's only a moth...but the damn thing is the size of a pigeon...I swear!!