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Y'all C'mon In, The Welcome Mat Is Out!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I hate only one thing about my new house and this is it:

  • I've unloaded a bazillion boxes and I'm not finished yet...damn, I hate unpacking, hate it. But, I am thankful that I am unpacking in MY house. I don't think anyone except Livey understands how truly happy I am. She saw what we were living in and what we were moving into. It's not just an I'm so excited we got our house, Oh no...It's way above that!! Some facts about our old place (hereinafterer referred to as the hellhole) are:

  • The hellhole was mold ridden. It was in the cracks of the ceiling, underneath the carpet and my personal favorite is the mold about 1-2 feet in size that was present when my computer desk got moved. It was horrendous, and it was the black mold. The hellhole was making us all sick. Strep throat, allergies, stomach upset, you name it and we were all coming down with it. The hellhole's air conditioner did not work half of the time. So we ended up relying on a window unit majority of the time and even then the temperature in the house stayed at 80 degrees or more.

  • Okay Livey, I made you swear not to blog about this, but I refuse to let the hellhole cause me any more embarrassment in any way. The hellhole had a garden tub and it had a small strip of carpet surrounding it. I ALWAYS vacuumed around the tub. So, the following occurrence is not due to my lack of housekeeping skills. When Livey was down for Rob's funeral she came over to our house. While she was there I discovered the garden tub took it's name seriously - for it was now growing mushrooms in the carpeted area. I guess it's because the dampness and humidity that the bathroom was in due to high temperatures inside and outside. All I know is it was embarrassing as hell and quite sickening also. My new bathtub is lacking mushrooms completely...

  • I was so ashamed of how the hellhole looked that I never wanted anyone to come over. The hellhole was a cluttered mess as anyone's would be if they had 5 people living in a house that's only 1020 Square Feet. Nathan did not even have his own room and the other two kids' rooms were so small that he couldn't share with either one of them. So he slept with us everynight. But, that's all taken care of now. He loves his new room with his "Beep Beeps" on it. Wanna see? Alrighty then, here goes:

I really hated my kitchen, it was the size of a closet. You could hardly turn around, not anymore...now Nathan can play beep beeps while I make dinner and never once get in my way. I LOVE my new kitchen!:

This is just a wee bit of what my house looks like...I'll post more when I unpack the rest of those damn boxes!!