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Oh My Lord, It's Grandaddy's Hand....

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Those are the words my niece, Lisa, spoke as she entered my new bathroom. Yep, I do have Grandaddy's hand in there folks. Grandaddy died when I was 5, he was awesome. He taught me how to cuss ("Tell your momma and daddy what you stepped in over there in the farmyard." "Giggle, giggle...Chicken shit!") and dressed me up in overalls and John Deere hats. None of that frilly girl shit momma put me in for his grandbaby!...And no, I do not have a freeze dried appendage of my late grandfather in my bathroom. Can you see it in this pic?

Nope? Here, I'll make it easier...it's there...in the window....on the right...

Someone gave my grandaddy some aftershave, probably before I was born, and when it was all used up, my grandma filled it up with some water and green food coloring and kept it in her bathroom. That's was just grandma's way, and I never thought anything of it. It was ALWAYS there. When she passed away, I asked for and received "grandaddy's hand." It's always been in my bathroom, and just because I have this "brand new, could be decorated with a theme" bathroom, I'd rather have grandaddy's hand. I have several such "sentimental" themes in my home. On the left hand side, if you look closely, you can see a somewhat garish gold vase. I bought that vase for my grandma one Christmas, to my young eyes it looked terrible expensive and thus, I wanted my grandma to have it. She displayed it proudly in her china cabinet for years.

On top of my kitchen cabinets I have a group of coffee mugs. Joey's mom collected them and after she died Joey got the ones he'd bought for his mom. The plastic horse? My grandma's, do I know why she had it? Nope....she just had it displayed for years, so chances are, one of us grandkids gave it to her. That's pretty much all that was required for it to be a precious heirloom in my grandma's eyes!

I'll be sure to post the pictures of the picture my granny gave me, it always hung in her house, it's a giant picture of some Catholic lady saint, she looks like Mary. No, she never was a Catholic, but had the picture hanging, I will do so as well. Proudly!!

Do y'all have things that may seem quite odd to others in your home also? Things that make totally no sense to anyone except yourself?