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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Another day, another lesson learned. Damn, and yet again, I had to learn the hard way.

The husband of the Nutz Woman, that would be me, woke me up Thursday on his way out to work. He told me the youngest Nutz Child, that would be this one:

Nathan was awake, and there is no damn telling what he will do if unattended. No, I am not talking about to himself, I am talking about to me dammit. Some atrocious mess that I will have to clean up. Anyway, I got up, got on the couch, by this time Noni had joined us. Nathan went back to sleep peacefully. I now know this was just a counter offensive move so he could wreak total devastation on those with whom he lives. Namely, ME. WE I was dozing peacefully when I was awakened by a bloodcurdling scream....it was Princess Noni alerting the troops, yep that would be me again! It seems like Nathan had the terrific idea that filling both of these up with water, stoppers in, would be a really cool thing to do:

It was not. My WHOLE BEDROOM WAS FLOODED. So, I had to borrow one of these:

WITHOUT THE ATTACHMENTS PEOPLE...I was on all fours, ass in air, sucking water for hours.

Damn, can I re-think this whole, "One more won't make that much of a difference" belief??