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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I went to the grocery store the other day, and by the time I left, I was ready to commit violent acts on the woman if front of me. I did not say I did, I said I wanted to. Why? Because she appeared to be just another leech on society. I walked in, $30 in my pocket, mentally added up everything I needed, decided what I could do without and then made my purchase. I got behind a very nicely dressed woman, immaculate blonde dye job, professionally manicured nails and very nice jewelry. I looked at the conveyor belt loaded with her purchases and proceeded to see she had WIC coupons for every type of Juicy Juice available, I did without the juice, bought myself some Kool-Ade for the kidz. Not only was the juice being bought by WIC, about 6 dozen eggs, 8 kinds of cheese and so on. Okay, nothing made me totally upset,yet, Who cares that my husband works over 60 hours a week, most of the time 70 or more, and we don't have WIC, we have what you call a BUDGET. She then proceeded to purchase the meat special, whole bone in sirloin which the butcher sliced for her, this alone was about $300 worth of steak she had, then she bought slews of other shit totaling over 600 dollars. She whipped out her handy dandy Food Stamp card and covered that purchase. She then somehow used the card to buy 4 cases of Michelob Light, I'm assuming from the money part of the card. And there I stood, mother of 3, wife of a husband that busts his ass working like hell to make ends meet with my hot dogs, hot dog buns, potato chips, milk, etc. And my purchase totaled $22.84. Oh yeah, she walked out of the store, climbed up in her brand new, shiny Lincoln Navigator. Okay bitch, you enjoy your free ride that society has handed you....enjoy that extra money...my husband works hard for it.