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Yes...I have weird children...it's in their genes...BWAHAHAHAHA

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tired of hearing my wee ones complaints at dinner time, I finally figured out a way to stop them...well, tonight at least. When asked what we were having, the following flew outta my mouth, "Roasted Woozle." (If you need an explanation of what a WOOZLE is in the NUTZ home, just click HERE) They thought the idea of eating Roasted Woozle was just the shizzle baby...and they asked for seconds and thirds. Did they really like the meat that much? Probably not, but they sure did like saying it......What did we really have?

That's a Pork Loin if ya didn't know.....And, they'll never eat it with a straight face again.....

If posting is not as often as usual around here, it will be again...promise...we just have a lot going on right now!