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Hell, I am not even in the running for Mother of the Year....

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The kidz and I were over at Nanny & Poppy's house last night. My mom was performing a task that produced drastically different reactions from my two youngest. Noni was amazed and could not take her eyes off of her Nanny. My mom asked her, "Haven't you seen one of these before, Noni?" To which Noni replied, "Never." Mom looked at me and said, "Kellie, that is just sad." Nathan on the other hand was terrified of the objects...he went and hid under the dining room table. For some reason he was suffering some serious anxiety and fear.

What was my mom doing, you ask? Ironing shirts! I believe the ironing board may have traumatized poor Nathan....my rule is, "If you can't tumble the wrinkles out in the dryer...you shouldn't wear it." BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA