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All I Can Say is Dayummm.....Don't Piss Granny Off

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Okay...how much can an 85 year old man actually start "seeing" another woman? Could he technically see her and if so...what did he see? And, technically, is it only expected to last three days because most of the witnesses thought it was just fireworks for the 4th of July? It's a sad day when they won't disinter 12 people old enough to be jurors. Break out the pickaxes and shovels. One other note, yep...this is in Georgia, ain't it a proud day to be a Sutherner?

Geriatric Murder Trial Starts
ATLANTA (AP) -- Jury selection began today in Atlanta for a 79-year-old woman accused of fatally shooting an 85-year-old ex-boyfriend at their senior citizens home.But prosecutors might have a hard time finding a jury of peers for Lena Sims Driskell. She is nearly a decade older than the legal age for exemption as a juror in Georgia, which is 70.Of the 58 potential jurors at the start of jury selection, all but five appeared to be younger than 65. A list of the potential jurors' ages was not immediately available.Driskell is accused of killing Herman Winslow last June as he sat reading a newspaper. Police said Driskell became angry after Winslow broke off their relationship and started seeing another woman.Deborah Poole, Driskell's attorney, said her client is being deprived of her constitutional right to a fair trial because she will not be judged by a jury of her peers.Jennifer Lawson, the Superior Court jury clerk in Fulton County, said that while senior citizens are not excluded from jury service, any person 70 or older may be excused from jury duty with the submission of an age affidavit.Opening statements in the trial could begin tomorrow. The trial is expected last no more than three days.
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