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Saturday, April 22, 2006

I am not even going to try to bullshit anybody. I have been down in some dark place and couldn't think to even blog. I couldn't do anything in the daytime except put in a DVD for the kidz and go back to sleep on the couch....if I tried to stay awake, I was just here....not active, not participating in life, just in a fog. I don't know what got me into this funk....maybe nothing...it just was. I am doing a bit better and will be back. I can't be perky and upbeat all the time I guess....and me trying to be just all came crashing down. Joey's had a bad couple of weeks with the bi-polar crap and I think it just came down on me....I try to keep the kidz from knowing how bad stuff is sometimes....and the facade crashed....I'll be back tomorrow...yes...with freebies....thanks guyz!!