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Monday, January 02, 2006

Okay...so maybe a redneck New Year's but I and all of my family had a blast, the hubby and I got our drink on..so....whatever..........here's some pics.............Just in case you are wondering...and I know you are....my drug of choice? Lime Zima and Margaritas...hubby's? Same as always, Absolut and Mountain Dew!! Champagne for the kiddos...what the heck, it's New Years Eve. (You can stop trying to locate the Child Welfare Agency where I live, just kidding,) Seriously? Kiddos had Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice.

One of our fireworks going off...ooohhh....ahhhh....
Daddy doing sparklers with Nathan!
Noni, posing with her libation!!
Nathan, just like his mommy, a total lush!!
Noni throwing down her gang sign. (more on that camo outfit later)
Nathan loves dirt, love it. Couldn't tell that, could ya?

Surely you all know that a redneck New Year's ain't complete without shooting your guns at midnight, right? Even I got into that part...I loves me some firearms...LOL
Let's do this EVERY NIGHT if it makes them this tired!!!