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Mi Familia

Monday, December 26, 2005

My parents are the best in the world. They are always there for me, even though I really don't deserve it. I put them through hell and more growing up. If they told me to come in at 11:00pm, I arrived at home just before sunrise. My mom always says that she used to pray for God to bring me home safely, so she could kill me! And of course, I am and shall always remain Daddy's Little Girl!!! Here's a pic of me with my Mom and Dad. How they survived me, I will never know. But they did!! If they raised me without being institutionalized, they I KNOW I can make it through my three HELLIONS kidz' childhood.

She's wishing I'd stop aggravating her so she can go back to the kitchen. LOL

He's pretending I'm not there so I will leave him alone and let him watch his football game. I don't. Annoying the crap out of my parents is one of my many wonderful personality traits!!!

The love of my life & me!!! As much as he annoys the crap out of me....I love him and am thankful for all he does. He works soooo hard to keep us all fed, clothed, warm and with a roof over our heads. I feel so bad when he busts his butt to earn money only to have it eaten up by the bank on Payday because of checks and fees. I love ya honey!!!