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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Okay, I took the least pornographic picture I could. I just HAD to share with all of y'all another example of my complete clumsiness. I'll get this walking thing down one day. See this horrible bruise I got??? (objects may appear, much, much smaller than they actually are!)

That my dears is Mom'z boobage....yep...not the good part, but, right next to it. And ya wanna know what happened?? It doesn't matter if ya don't, I'm gonna type it anyway. Mom tripped over some, ummm....dirty laundry, (have I not told you Martha Stewart doesn't live here, and would commit suicide if she had to?) Anyhoo, tripped over the laundry that had somehow piled so high it fell into the hall fallen out of the neatly arranged laundry baskets. So, the corner of my Sponge Bob slippers caught something and there I went. Sprawled out in all my glory. What did the love of my life say, when relating the story to big sis on Christmas Eve??? "Hell, I didn't know what happened. Thank God those things were there to break her fall, I saw her bounce once or twice from the cushion those thangs gave." Okay...the fact I am well endowed in this area is no secret...however, I did NOT bounce. Repeat after me...."KISS MY ASS DEAR!!!"