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I must thank A Military Mom for this post....

Monday, October 31, 2005

I went over to this post at Military Mom's site. I didn't want to take her Sponge Bobette Ghetto Fabulous pic without permission so I hunted another, and I could not find one as good as hers. The other 2 pics are not as good as hers, Mom's pic is the winner of the UGH award. Please don't be mad, Mom, I will never take another without your permission...k? I decided that the TOP costume for women that have LOTS of back...and somehow don't notice it. We MUST let them know, that if they insist on wearing stuff like Ms. Bob up there, then the only costume for Halloween, should be, and if it offends, sorry, but the costume that really fat people must wear...and I am no skinny minnie....but I also know this and dress accordingly, enough...enough....all fat beeyotches should be made to wear this...(see below)and if they want to dress like a HEAVY HO year round? Then they should have numerous colors of this available and wear it 365 days a year.

And, my vote doesn't count...but Military Mom and Military Dad won by a landslide in my book!! I know y'all think so too...go tell her!!!!