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I Married a Dork...What? You're Surprised?

Friday, September 02, 2005

As if in reading my blog you haven't figured out my hubby is a dork-o-ramus. Here is just one more example, to erase all doubt:

Ring, Ring

Me: Yeah (we have caller ID, k?)

Hubby: Yeah, yeah, can't you say hello??

Me: Hello. What? I am trying to get breakfast for this kidz.

Hubby: Damn...okay, can you call the doctor to make an
appointment for that complete physical the other doctor
told me to go get?

Me: Already planned that, I'll call when the office opens.

Hubby: Hey, be sure to ask exactly what they do. Exactly.

Me: Why? What the hell are you talking about?

Hubby: Well, if they need me to take my drawers off and all that,
I need to come home from work and take a shower.

Me: Hmmm...okay...but don't they always put their hands on
your nuts and make you cough or something?

Hubby: Yeah, that's right...okay cool...get the appointment as
late as possible so I don't miss a whole day of work. Okay?

Me: Alrighty then....